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Commercial Propane Service & Installation

Commercial installations and service is our specialty!

Millions of Americans use propane gas for agricultural, industrial, and transportation applications.

According to, propane-powered forklifts produce 19 percent fewer emissions than their gas-powered counterparts.  Propane forklifts are clean, safe, and efficient. They offer the best performance in power and speed and save money on fuel costs.  This is proven by the sheer number of propane-powered forklifts in the U.S – over 670,000!  The Railroad Commission offers free safety and maintenance training on propane forklifts. Call 1-800-64-CLEAR.

Besides longer engine life and cleaner air, you’ll save on motor fuel excise taxes and earn tax deductions with propane vehicles.  Learn more about that on the U.S. Department of Energy website.

Farmers are seeking alternatives to conventional pesticides and herbicides. Propane flame weeding offers an ideal option for many farmers. It is safer for the environment and can be more cost-effective than conventional chemical treatments.  It also allows farmers to return to the field immediately following treatment.

 Overall, propane can save you money and help your business focus on what it does best.  Whether it’s heating, cooking, or fueling hot water heaters and appliances with propane, Hino Gas can help you today.  Contact Hino Gas Customer Service today and one of our commercial propane specialists will answer your questions and help you find the right solution for all your propane gas needs.