Where We Serve

Hino Gas - Proud to serve the Texas Rio Grande Valley

When you choose Hino Gas as your propane provider, you’ll receive increased price predictability as well as the most reliable customer and delivery service in the Rio Grande Valley .

Whether your needs are in Harlingen, Brownsville or all areas in between, Hino Gas has the expertise to give you competitive pricing and the best delivery and installation service.

Hino Gas offers bottle/cylinder filling stations at its three locations – Harlingen, Brownsville, and Port Isabel.  We also sell and/or offer leasing and/or loan ASME tanks from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons.  Hino Gas sells D.O.T. and cylinders, from 20 pounds to 100 pounds.  We also sell and/or lease forklift cylinders and cages.

Hino Gas also has the manpower and equipment (bobtails) to deliver propane gas to any size customer.  Come visit one of our multiple locations today!


  • Designing & Installing and Maintaining LP Piping Systems of any size: Industrial, Commercial and Residential
  • Sell or Lease and Installation of Propane Tanks (Industrial, Commercial & Residential)
  • Forklift Cylinders & Cages
  • Propane Gas Bottling Filling Stations ( Harlingen , Brownsville , & Laguna Heights )
  • Gasoline Stations (Unleaded, Premium, & Super Unleaded)
  • Refurbish Tanks

Residential customers also have the ability to ORDER ONLINE and discounts are offered the earlier you place your order.  If you haven’t already, register online today to become a Hino Gas customer today!

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